Our Story



How We Got Started

“Great products to improve our bodies and enrich our souls” – RAW began with this simple goal for women. The health and wellness industry had its priorities wrong and too many supplements risked our health with questionable ingredients. A good life starts with a healthy foundation, and we created the RAW product line to help women live their best lives. Cleaner, stronger, healthier.

Live your best life, become your best self.

We Value You & Nature’s Creatures

We believe in excellent natural ingredients that can uplift the body and spirit. The “raw” essentials: free of added sugars, dyes, fake flavors, or artificial additives. All RAW supplements are made from clean, vegan formulas with natural sweeteners and zero animal ingredients. Caring for yourself shouldn’t mean being forced to consume animals or animal products.

Safe, Clean Sourcing

Creating great supplements requires building relationships with reputable vendors, big and small. Our suppliers prioritize purity and safety in their ingredients. We in turn test every RAW product for quality, ensuring minimal heavy metals in our formulas. You can always use our products with confidence